College Is Good To Go

I got an email back from my adviser last night saying that I AM registered for the history class and the english class. He said the classes won’t show up in canvas until the day of or the day before start of term, which is different from what he told me last semester. Last semester he told me classes would show up in there a week before start of term. Oh well. At least I have confirmation that I’m signed up for those classes.

As far as financial aid goes, I ended up calling the financial aid office late last night and talked to the head of the department. He said I had to redo my FAFSA and get that submitted. Turns out, FAFSA covers fall, spring and summer, not spring, summer, fall like I thought. Soooooooooooooo, I had to do a tuition payment plan in order to not have to pay the full amount up front next week and that will allow me to take classes during the 4-6 weeks it takes to process my financial aid and generate a loan offer. I already know I don’t qualify for any grants since it’s the same tax information I used last semester. I just hope it’s the same loan offer.

I’m kinda kicking myself for not using the second half of my aid offer during the summer semester. I can’t afford to pay for classes out-of-pocket (being unemployed for a year totally affects your ability to pay for stuff), so I’d just planned on using the second half for fall semester. I guess that will teach me. lol. This time around, though, I’ll do it better and use the full offer over fall and spring and take summer to work my buns off and get a bunch of money saved so I can do school full-time next fall.

But, that all depends on what is going on at the time. As for now, everything is taken care of so I can start school on Monday. I’m excited for my two classes and hope I do as well as I did last semester. Wish me luck!

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