Angkor Wat Entrance

I was really struck with this scene while in Cambodia last year. It’s just the magnificence of 12th century Angkor Wat combined with the modern-day tourist group. What a contrasting and thought-provoking image this makes.

And then there’s the local Cambodian man sitting with his umbrella, relaxing on the bridge leading to one of the wonders of the ancient world. I wonder if he realizes how amazing this structure really is. This complex that is still standing after natural disasters, scavengers, wars and centuries of neglect. And there he sits, possibly oblivious to the symbol of strength, skill and ingenuity that dominates the landscape behind him. Or maybe he realizes the skill and technique it took to make such a strong and lasting structure. Maybe that is what he is thinking about as he gazes into the moat that reflects the face of one of the most ancient and awe-inspiring structures still standing today.