Angkor Wat Temple

When I was editing this picture, I got to thinking about how HUGE this building looks. It looks massive and it’s not just the angle of the shot, this building really is that big. And it’s only one of the smaller buildings in the temple complex.

Looking at this picture, it makes me think about how long it must have taken and difficult it must have been to build this structure. The entire temple complex is just MASSIVE and each of the buildings is an impressive size. I can’t help but think of the struggle it must have been for those people, way back in the 12th century. They didn’t have machinery to help lift these massive stones way up to the top of the temple. They didn’t have power drills or dremel tools to help them make the precise and intricate carvings in the stone. They didn’t have levels to make sure each block of stone was even. They didn’t have computer design software to show them where best to place support beams and what the weight limits were.

Yet look at what they did. Look at what those ancient Khmer people accomplished. They built a fantastic temple complex that has stood for centuries. All without the convenience of modern technology. They accomplished something absolutely awe-inspiring.

When I look at these pictures and think of the massive complex we spent and half a day exploring I can’t help but think about the things I struggle with in my life. I’m stressed about college, finding an apartment, getting a job, finding the right method to teach my students, teaching lessons in church each Sunday and making sure all my household chores get done. Next to the task of building a massive structure like this, my little list of stresses doesn’t seem so bad.