I so don’t want to do my homework. But I have to. We leave for Bali tomorrow and I have an assignment due on Sunday, so I need to watch a bunch of lectures, listen to some more lectures and read two chapters. Then I have to write a journal entry about it all. And this is all for ONE class. 

Yesterday I went through and wrote down all my homework due dates on my calendar. My history professor wrote in the course description that assignments are not allowed to be turned in early (or late) and that they need to be turned in on the due date. Only if it’s ABSOLUTELY necessary can they be turned in the day before they are due. This kinda sucks because he has all his journal entries due on Sundays. 

Anyways, I wrote out my assignments on my calendar yesterday and here is what my life is going to look like until we leave Malaysia.

Lovely, right? I didn’t have to watch or listen to any lectures last semester, just read a lot of stuff from the textbooks, read news articles, take quizzes and do a bunch of writing assignments. Thank goodness there is wifi on the roof so I won’t be cooped up inside all day on Wednesdays. 

Well, I’d best get started on watching and listening to my lectures. They’re for my history class, so I’m pretty excited about that. I love history. And this class is going over the colonization of America all the way through the Reagan era. I’m not too interested in the political aspect of all of it (or having to write essays about it), but I am looking forward to a deeper historical analysis of everything and learning more about the history of our country. So, off I go. Wish me luck.