Lord Murugan Statue at Batu Caves

Troy and I have gone to Batu Caves several times since we first moved here. Our first time was on October 6th, a week after we arrived in Malaysia. It’s so amazing walking around the corner and seeing this massive statue. The statue definitely signifies these caves as a Hindu holy place.

This statue is of Lord Murugan, the Hindu god of war and victory, and it stands 42.7 meters tall, which is 140 feet tall. It took three years to complete the statue and it was unveiled in January 2006. It is the tallest Hindu statue in Malaysia, the tallest Lord Murugan statue in the world and the second tallest statue of a Hindu god in the world.

Even though I’ve been to the Batu Caves several times, I have to marvel at this statue every time we go. This thing is just MASSIVE and so full of detail. Looking at the statue gives me a sense of how deeply the Hindus revere their gods. The statues they make are a sign of their devotion and dedication to that god. Since the Batu Caves temple complex is devoted to Lord Murugan, it makes sense they would have a statue of him there. This size, though, shows how much they revere and respect him. Makes me think about my faith and if I respect and revere God to the same level the Hindus do their many gods. It makes me feel like I need to work on developing my own faith and relationship with God so that I can have the largest statue of God in the world living in my heart.