Giant Coral Clam

Isn’t this guy neat? We saw him while out snorkeling around the Perhentian Islands in July. I’m really fascinated by giant clams. I love to see the vast array of colors they come in. Since blue is my favorite color, this is my favorite giant clam so far.

Here are some little factoids I’ve discovered about this awesome looking little creature:

  • Giant clams are the largest living organism having a two-piece hinged shell
  • It is also one of the most endangered clams in the world
  • The earliest documented sighting of a giant clam was by Antonio Pigafetta in 1521
  • The average lifespan of these clams is 100 years
  • Some giant clams can weigh more than 440lbs
  • The largest giant clam discovered was found in 1817 in Sumatra. It was 4.49 feet long with the two shells weighing 550lbs.