5-Minute Summary

Hello! Happy Sunday! What a week! Last week was crazy, but nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be. With that math test being rescheduled, I ended up having more free time than I thought I would and was able to spend time with my friends. This upcoming week, yikes. It’s going to be a bit stressful.

So, those of you who know me know that I love to cook. I love to experiment and learn new things. I may not be good at the whole plating and making food look pretty thing, but I do enjoy the cooking part. Which is why I decided not to delegate much (any, really) of the upcoming dinner party for my church.

This Thursday is the Relief Society Birthday Dinner for my ward and I’m on the planning committee. The group decided on an Italian theme (yay!) and it was decided that the meal would be 4 different lasagnas, Italian rolls, an Olive Garden-style salad and a vanilla/chocolate layered panna cotta. I love panna cotta. Seriously. I could eat that stuff for forever.

Anywho, Annalise wants to make a Vegan lasagna and since I have zero experience with Vegan, I’m so happy she said she would make that one. That just leaves the traditional Italian lasagna, the vegetarian lasagna, the four cheese and spinach lasagna, rolls, salad and dessert for me. And the dinner is for 40 people. Holy bananas. I’ve never cooked for more than 8. lol.

Well, unless you count when we had Troy’s coworkers come over for hamburgers one day last summer, but all I had to make for that were two dozen cupcakes, a variety of pretzel dips and potato salad. Easy stuff. Not that lasagna is hard. It’s all just a bit time consuming.

Which is why I asked my good friend Rebekah to help. She’s going to spend Wednesday morning helping me cook the panna cottas and then she said she’d do one of the lasagnas, as well. Phew. Even if she wasn’t willing to help, I’ve actually got time this week to do it all on my own. It’s Spring Break this week (woohoo!) and I’ve actually got some free time. Yay!

Though, I am planning on getting next week’s homework done this week because I’ll be out of town from the 17th-24th and need to get the homework due those days done. So, that’s my plan for Spring Break: cook my buns off and get ahead on my homework. And study for my math test on the 16th. *sigh*

Wish me luck!

How I did on my last goals

  1. Study for ENVS test – I did this! lol. I wrote up flash cards, read bits of the textbook (i’ve never been good at reading textbooks) and watched some of the videos my professor posted. I didn’t get a spectacular grade (B), but it’s acceptable. 
  2. Walk 12,000 steps per day – I actually thought I’d have a hard time with this one, but it was easier than I thought. My lowest day (aside from today) was 12,303. My highest was 21,742.
  3. Write two more blogs – Yay! I did this one, too! I had meant to write more, but I got busy with studying for my test and then walking/running. But I did accomplish this goal. 
  4. Finish Divergent – Yup, I finished my book. I listened to it while walking outside and while walking around the house. And while showering. lol. It’s a good book. I started the second one a few days ago and it’s pretty good, too.
  5. Make cookies for someone at church – All right, I failed on something. I did not make cookies for anyone. I was super excited to, though. 🙁 I guess that means I should try again this week.

This Week’s Goals

  1. Don’t screw up the dinner on Thursday
  2. Study for my math test
  3. Get next week’s homework done
  4. Keep up with 12,000 steps a day
  5. Go on a 30-min walk at least once a day

22 Replies to “5-Minute Summary”

  1. Angelic Sinova

    Good luck on your math test! 12,000 steps a day is an AWESOME goal! Now that’s it finally getting warmer outside, I’m excited to start back up my daily jogs this week <3

    • Erin Post author

      Thanks! Yeah, I’m enjoying the warmer weather, too. My friend is into running and I keep wanting to do a 5k, so we’ve started up a running routine that has been pretty fun. Still in the walking/jogging phase, but we’re getting there! Good luck with your running!

  2. StylishGeekBlog.com

    Thank you for a wonderful recap! And good luck to your math test! Incidentally I just started readng the Divergent book. I am loving it! Hope I finish it soon just like you. Good luck with your goals!

  3. Michele

    Let’s see-if you take that 30 min walk every day–a lot of those steps will be taken care of. You really better study for that math test!! And as for the cooking–I’m sure everything will taste great (maybe you can study while everything is in the oven?)

  4. Joy | The Joyful Foodie

    Lasagna is one of my favorite things to make for a crowd, and it’s actually what I made the first time I tried to cook or my whole family (30+) by myself for my mom’s birthday. I even made a vegan one using tofu, spinach and nutritional yeast as the filling. Not sure why I did that, since no one in my family is vegan. 😛

  5. Katrina Kaminaka

    I love that you have a list for the week and not the day. I am going to have to do this. Maybe I will feel more accomplished in this area. Thank you for this lovely idea.

    • Erin Post author

      I know, right? Total failure! lol. I did end up making cookies for the people who invited us over for dinner last night. Does that make up for it?

  6. The Mad Mommy

    I cook for about 30 people on all of the big holidays, so I am used to it. Lasagna does take time, but it is easy to assemble once you have everything ready. You’ll be totally fine!


    Four different kind of lasagnas, wow! I love four-cheese and spinach lasagna especially with creamy ricotta on top. Good luck with the math test, too. Hope you ace them both. 🙂

  8. Myrabev

    Good luck with your goals and hope you have a nice time making the food for 40 people. I wish I could walk more than 7000 steps a day, the recommended is 10000 so would be nice to pass that atleast once lol

  9. leybainpublic

    Good luck on your math test! For sure you can get a high grade :). Just study hard and hope for the best!

    • Erin Post author

      Yeah, it was hard for me to hit 10,000 when I first started, but it does get easier. You’ll get there. Just don’t give up. 🙂

  10. Manu Kalia

    Now that is one tough challenge for yourself. I would have proud if I can do those task. Preparing a meal for an occasion can be tough for me lol. Good luck

  11. Ricci

    I’ve never made lasagna before but I’m totally with you on the food tasting amazing but not looking so hot…LOL! Good luck girlie!!

  12. Bailey K.

    It might be easy to up your goal from 12,000 steps to something higher now that you know you can do it. And especially if you walk 30 minutes a day!

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