How Life Is Going

How life is going:

Life is pretty good. There actually hasn’t been too much to complain about lately, so life is good.

What I loved about the past week:

Last week was actually less crazy than I thought it would be. My math assignments were spaced out over three days, so I was able to take the time I needed to get those done. As for my test on Friday, I got a B on it. Not too shabby, but not the grade I wanted. Gotta step it up for the next one. But everything else went really well and was surprisingly calm.

What I did this weekend:

Not a whole lot. Troy worked on Saturday, so I did some homework I’d forgotten about during the week, cleaned the house a bit and did some indoor jogging. Troy took me out to dinner on Saturday, to make up for being non-existent for most of last week and half the weekend. We went to Gamberetti’s, which is my favorite Italian place here. It was nice. I like spending time with my hunni bunz.

On Sunday we went to his coworker’s house for dinner and games. It was interesting. They have two kids and the 8-year-old talked the entire night. And I do mean the entire night. Loudly. My nerves were so shredded after two hours of constant near-yelling and actual yelling by this little girl that I was having a hard time handling it. They’re super nice people and we liked hanging out with them. It was just hard being around so much non-stop yelling.

What I’m looking forward to:

The Relief Society Dinner this Thursday. It’s going to be a bit of stress, but I just love cooking for people. Troy doesn’t like having people over for dinner (he says they stay too long and he just wants to be left alone), so we rarely have dinner guests. I guess that’s fine while I’m in school and don’t have time to cook, but this week I have time and I’m sooooo excited about it!

My plans for this week:

Spring Break!!!!!! Woohoo! It’s finally here! This week is going to be interesting, but I’m excited about it. Tomorrow I’m going shopping for the dinner on Thursday. I can’t decide if I’m going to make the panna cottas on Tuesday or Wednesday, but I’m planning on doing the rolls and lasagna the day of, which means I am totally skipping the gym so I don’t go crazy. There’s a girl that keeps asking me if I’m doing too much or if I’m capable of doing all of this myself. haha. She doesn’t know me. I’m a workaholic who works best when overloaded. Except when it comes to math. I can’t do math when I’m stressed. But everything else? Yes. But I’m being smart about it. I’m taking 2-3 days to get everything done so that I don’t have a total meltdown. And I asked Rebekah to give me a hand, so she’s going to help me make the panna cottas and do one of the lasagnas. It’s going to be fun.

Other than that I’m going to be trying to get ahead on some homework and work on some photo editing for my other blog. Fun times!

What I’m nervous about:

The dinner. lol. I’ve never cooked for 40 people  before, so this is going to be something new. And challenging. I do love a good challenge. So, while I’m nervous about it, I’m also pretty excited.

What I’ve been daydreaming about:

Spring. It’s almost here! The weather has been such a tease lately, being mostly warm and nice during the day and then going back to being cold at night. Oh well. A few more weeks and it will be nice all the time!

How school is going:

Pretty good. It’s Spring Break this week (have I mentioned that yet?) and I’m looking forward to getting a bit ahead on my homework so things won’t be too crazy after I get back from my field trip in two weeks.

How my running is going:

Eh, I’ve been slacking on that a bit. I got some decent blisters on the backs of my feet on Friday, so I couldn’t wear tennis shoes on Saturday or Sunday. I ended up jogging around barefoot inside my house in Saturday, so that kinda counts, right? I need to get back into it this week.

What book I’m reading:

Insurgent. It’s the sequel to Divergent and I really want to get it read before the movie comes out. Hopefully life won’t get too busy by the end of next week. That’s when it’s due.

What else is new:

Not much. Life feels a little boring now, but boring is good sometimes. Makes the crazy times not so unbearable.

Well, I guess that’s it for my thoughts about this upcoming week. It’s going to be a good week, test and all!

Is there anything you’re looking forward to this week?

3 Replies to “How Life Is Going”

  1. Justine Y

    I love Relief Society dinners! And I totally understand what you mean about the noise (at the Sunday dinner). MY house is full fo little kids so don’t get me wrong, it’s noisey; but sometimes I go to another person’s home and people talk SO loudly, and the tv is SO loud, and all the toys make SO much noise, and I just wonder how they can live in that chaos!

    • Erin Post author

      Yeah, I think a lot of it is that the noise is different. Well, and that I don’t have kids. I know I’ll probably have noisy and obnoxious kids when I do have them, but I really hope I can teach them to tone it down at least sometimes. That’s not impossible, right?

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