Spring 2016 Term So Far

Oh, school. Don’t we all just love it? Sometimes I wonder why I decided to go back, but then other times I love it. Like with my Six Sigma class. I don’t know what else to call it. Lean Management, maybe? I dunno, but I actually like this class. It’s interesting and I’m actually learning new things.

My other classes this term are Business, Speech (ugh), Accounting and Psychology. Not a bad roster. I had all A’s until yesterday, unfortunately. I was super stressed out and decided to take my quiz anyways and ended up getting 7/10 on it. You’d think I would have learned from last term when I did that and got a D on a quiz when I was super stressed. *sigh* With the weight this professor has put on quizzes, my A is now a B. Not awful, but I was super happy with my A. Oh well. If I get back into doing well on my quizzes I can pull it back up to an A by the end of the term. Just have to not take any more quizzes when I’m stressed. haha.

So far I’m five weeks into the term and there are five weeks left until finals. Most weeks I feel like I’m drowning in homework, but somehow I seem to get it all done on time. Well, except for the week ending Jan 24th. I don’t know what happened that week, but I got so behind on my homework and was working on it until midnight Sunday night. Then, just before midnight, excel crashed and lost a bunch of my work. I’d saved it, but excel had been having issues before that, so it didn’t actually save my work. Thankfully, it was only the last two questions, but still. I hurried and redid one of them, but didn’t have time to do the other and just turned it in with an explanation in the notes section.

The good thing about all that is that my accounting professor allows us to turn our work in up to a week late at no lost points. I was super confused when he sent out an email on the 25th saying the midterm was open and due that day, but that “like everything else” we had a week past the due date to turn it in. I emailed my professor to clarify (as well as attaching the completed work) and he said he allows late work for a week because he understands life happens. Thank goodness. So, I’ve been leaving my accounting homework until last since it has a bit of leeway. But I still try to get it in before midnight on Sundays. Deadlines are important and I don’t want to get in the habit of turning stuff in late.

To keep on top of it all, I’ve made my famous homework calendar. I had someone laugh at me a few semesters ago because I make these calendars to keep myself straight, but seriously, I’d miss so much stuff without them. My last school synced with google calendar and I tried to do homework off that, but it wasn’t working for me. This works much better for me.


And, I know, today is the 7th and I haven’t marked off the 5th yet. This was one of those weeks where I just got my accounting homework done about an hour ago (it’s 11pm), so I haven’t done my MGT work done yet. Thankfully it’s not due until tomorrow, so I will be doing that first thing in the morning before working on my psych article abstract. It’s part of my final.

Overall, I think I’m doing fairly well in my classes. Accounting is the only one giving me any real trouble, which is funny because I used to want to be an accountant. Two of my step-brothers are accountants. Or at least they got accounting degrees. Maybe I should ask them next time I hit a rough patch.


Other than that, I think speech is the only other class I’m struggling with, but not because it’s hard. It’s actually my easiest class in terms of homework and effort. What I struggle with is actually giving the speeches. I’m 2/2 out of crying in front of my class. It just sucks having social anxiety because I know I can do it. I know I can get up there and give a speech and do well with it, but when it comes time and I get up there I end up panicking. And it’s not like ‘freak out in front of everyone’ panic. It’s the “I feel like my heart is going to explode, I’m going to throw up and someone is crushing my lungs” all at the same time. And then once I get started my mind starts racing and I start losing my train of thought and then all the other stuff just gets worse until I can’t talk anymore because I’m crying so much. Or hyperventilating. That happens sometimes, too. *sigh* I know I can give speeches. I taught a Gospel Doctrine class at church in Malaysia for 8 months. I just had to read my lessons each week and then go have panic attacks in the bathroom afterwards. I wish I could do that now. Oh well. I guess that’s just something to work towards.

I guess the thing to keep in mind is that I only have 6 more speech classes. I can survive 6 more. Then school will be over for the term and then I can have a break.

Every time I look at March I have to laugh a little. I’ll have a break, just not a big one like at my last school. I have just over a week of breathing space once this terms ends and until the next term starts. Instead of having 2 4-month semesters a year, this school has 3 10-week terms. It almost feels like as soon as the term starts it’s almost over.


I think it’s almost time to register for next term, too. Not entirely sure when registration starts, but I have my classes picked out. I’m going to try to register for BUS 226, ECO 202, MATH 362 *cries*, MIS 118 and PSY 347. I have my graduation plan mapped out and it all hinges on getting into a lot of classes that have limited availability. Wish me luck.

And even though I complain a lot about how stressed school makes me and how I have no time for anything else, but I do enjoy school. It’s fun learning new things and even math can be interesting sometimes. But, even so, I’ll be so freakin happy when I finally have my degree. If all goes according to plan, I’ll have my Bachelor’s in IT Management in March 2018.