Wow, life has been a little bit of a whirlwind lately. Caleb got home on the 23rd, which was nice because he wasn’t scheduled to get home until the 25th. I watched the ship come in and took a video of it. It is a really long and really boring video. In the first half of it, I’m talking and zooming in on stuff. The second half, though, I was in a different area (right up next to the ship) and there were a bunch of other people waiting for their sailors to get off the ship. I talked for a little bit, but I felt like a total retard so I stopped.

Anyways, I made this really yummy chicken slow cooker dinner, so we went home to check on that and spent the afternoon/evening playing on our computers and watching Stargate.

I know, Stargate is only for nerds and I have been told multiple times that I’m not a nerd. I love the show, though. Sometimes it’s a little redundant and some of the episodes are retarded, but that happens with every tv show. Part of the reason I like the series so much is that for the year and a half that my grandpa lived with us before he died, we all would sit together and watch Stargate reruns because he really liked the show. It was fun. So now, Caleb and I own all 10 seasons.

On Saturday, we went to the Friend & Family Day Cruise on his ship. It was fun. We got there around 4:30am and didn’t get home until almost 10pm. We had a good time, though. There was breakfast on the ship (really good doughnuts, but nasty orange juice) and then we went down to his shop to see if he had to muster. We ended up talking and goofing off with some of the other guys Caleb works with. There were some people who wanted to play Phase 10, so a group of 7 got together and we played for a bit. We got kicked out by a tour group, though, so Caleb and I wandered around the ship some more.

I get this wrong sometimes because I can never remember whether it is 8 flights up and 10 flights down or 10 flights up and 8 flights down. Caleb’s at work so I can’t ask him. He’ll correct me later.

So, yeah, we did a lot of walking up and down stairs. They aren’t nice, big stairs, though. They’re skinny little metal stairs that your feet don’t even fit on. I got bruises on the backs of my ankles and calves because I kept hitting the stairs as I went down and I got bruises on my shins from the stairs, too.

We spent a lot of time up on the flight deck, which was nice. We got to see dolphins swimming around the ship and some of them were jumping around in the air. We also got to see an air show.

Last time we did one of these, people got seats on the bleachers an hour or so before it started and we ended up standing the whole time because we got there 20 minutes early. We got ours about 45 min early this time and almost didn’t get a seat. But we did and it was in a perfect place so we got to see everything. Caleb took tons of pictures and I took lot of video. I love my video camera.

I’ll have to post some of the pictures Caleb took. They are so awesome! He’s a way good photographer.

Those are pretty much the main highlights of the cruise. We played more Phase 10, wandered around some more, sat on the flight deck to watch the waves and the shore as we headed home and had lots of food.

Oh! I almost forgot. lol. Caleb got an award! Yay! He got the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal. They had a whole ceremony where an officer awarded it to him and I got to pin it on! It was so neat! I was freaking out at first because Caleb said he wanted me to present it to him, but then an officer showed up and I got out of it. hehe. I did pin it on him, though, so that was nice.

There are so many pictures I have to put on here!

Other than that, not a lot has been going on. Caleb had Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off and he has tomorrow off as well. Yay! We spent the day at the zoo yesterday. The groundhogs were so funny. They kept sitting on top of the glass observation domes. And then I got drenched when I ran through the fountains at the front of the zoo. It was sooooo hot yesterday and it felt great. Well, until we got in the car and Caleb blasted the ac because he was still burning up. Oh well. I rolled my window down and that helped keep my side of the car warm while all the air vents were blowing towards him and he was able to freeze himself out.

Today, when Caleb gets home, we are going to go to this little flea market we drove past yesterday. We went to one in Baltimore and had fun, so we’re going to go check this one out.

Oh, we went to this really great restaurant on Monday night for our date/FHE night. It’s called The Melting Pot. I’ve always wanted to go there, so we went and we LOVED it! Fondue is an interested experience. We got the sampler dinner for two that is four courses and we were soooooo stuffed when we left. They have a small selection of cheeses (with all sorts of stuff in them that they mix tableside), which all sound so good, then they have a salad (neither of us liked the salads we got, though. way too much vinegar on both), then comes the main course. You get to choose your cooking flavor and then they bring out a little style with water, mix the herbs and other ingredients tableside and then you put the meat in for a few minutes. We had six different types of things to dip. There was filet mignon, beef tips, chicken, shrimp, beef rubbed in spices and butternut squash ravioli. Neither of us liked the flavors of the chicken or the ravioli, but we loved the rest of it. My favorite was the filet mignon. For dessert they mixed the chocolate fondue tableside. We ended up getting the peanut butter and chocolate fondue. Yum. The dippers were cheesecake, black and white crusted marshmellows, brownies, poundcake, strawberries, bananas, rice crispes and a cherry. There was so much stuff that we didn’t eat it all. We are definitely going back there.

Tomorrow we are planning on going to either King’s Dominion or Water Country USA. Well, maybe. One of the guys from the boat needs a place to crash tonight because they are moving the ship to the shipyard, so Caleb just called and asked if he could come over a night early. He’s spending tomorrow night here, so tonight won’t make much of a difference. I just hope we still go to the water park. We’ve been talking about it for forever.

I’ve also been going through things to get organized so I can start scrapbooking. Today I went through all the notes Jill and I wrote in middle school and high school. They are hilarious! I wish I had the ones I wrote her so it would be complete, but that’s okay. Everyone will forever know what a goof Jill is. hehe. It’s been a lot of fun reading about crushes we had and stupid things we did. It’s hilarious reading about things we got in trouble for and all that fun stuff. I haaaaaaaaaaaated high school, but now I have some positive things to remember about it.

Jill and I have been friends for forever. We met in eighth grade math class when she asked to borrow a pen. We’ve been best friends ever since. She’s such a sweet person and I’m so glad she’s my friend.

So, anyways, that’s all that has been going on right now. I keep meaning to put some pictures on Photobucket or Picasa so I can put albums on here, but I never do it. I’ll get around to it one of these days. I’m reformatting my computer today, so it won’t be today. Or tomorrow. Probably not Saturday, either. I’ll get around to it eventually.