Our New Apartment

Well, we’re finally here and kinda of getting settled. We moved into our apartment on the 15th and our household goods arrived on the 19th. We’re still trying to figure out where to put things, so it might be a while before we post pictures of the inside of our house. In the meantime, here are some other pictures:

This is the clubhouse of our community:

This is the general layout of the community. We’re in building 4 at the bottom of the picture and our apartment overlooks the courtyard:

This is the floor plan of our apartment:

Overall, we really like our apartment. There are the normal little things we don’t like, but on a scale of 1-10, we give this place an 8. They do front-door pick-up of our trash twice a week, the maintenance people are really nice and usually respond within a day or two to maintenance requests (thought right now we’re on day three for a request to fix our bathroom door), our balcony overlooks a cute little courtyard, there are two full baths instead of one and a half, all of our appliances are less than 3 years old, the apartment comes with a full-sized washer and dryer, we’re 15 minutes from Caleb’s work parking lot, the church is literally 3 minutes away, there is a huge outdoor mall 7 minutes away, the vet office we had in Virginia is in the outdoor mall, Wal-Mart is 5 minutes away, the BX and Commissary (the military-only shopping center and grocery store) are 8 minutes away and the base hospital is about 10 minutes away.

I guess the only big thing we don’t like is that if people come over and it is after business hours, we have to either give them our gate code or go open the gate for them. Normally, they would just enter a code and the system would call our cell phone (and we could let them in by pushing 9 on our phone), but the office hasn’t figured out how to set that up with long distance numbers. We don’t want to get a local number just for that, so we’ll just deal with it.

So, yeah, we’re way happy with our apartment. It’s been fun and frustrating trying to set it up. I’m so glad Caleb was able to get this week off so he could help with it. We’ve got the master bedroom, living room and dining room almost done. The kitchen is almost done, too, but we’ve been throwing boxes in there, so it’s a disaster right now. The spare room is the catch-all for all the boxes while we do the front of the house, so it’s a mess. We’ll get it organized eventually. Then it will be time to move again. lol. That’s the Navy life. We love it, though.

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