Okay, so here’s the lowdown. lol. I went to my interview, met the two doctors, met most of the staff and was offered the job. I told them I’d talk to Caleb about it and get back to them.

  • 15 minutes from home
  • They provide the scrubs and the wearing schedule (yeah, they tell me what to wear and when to wear it….kinda military-ish)
  • Medical/HSA and Dental benefits
  • Quarterly bonuses
  • 20 Paid Days Off a year
  • The people seem way nice so far


  • Our lunch hours don’t overlap so we can’t trade the car (caleb is working on getting a later lunch hour so we CAN trade the car….and having lunch together 3 times a week is an added bonus)
  • I only wanted about 30-35 hours instead of 40 hours (but, the more hours i work the more we can put in savings to prepare for a baby and me going back to college….maybe)

And I can’t think of any other cons. So, I think this is my job. We prayed about all the interviews yesterday, again last night, again this morning and I prayed about it again before I went into this interview. Everything just kinda fell into place while I was in there. All the time I was in there, it just felt peaceful and calm. So, I’m pretty sure that’s my answer.
Caleb and I are trying to work out a way to get the car back and forth during lunch, but that’s the only snag. I’m sure it will all work out.
Haha! I just got another call requesting an interview. lol. I told her I had already accepted a position (which i pretty much have, i’m just making sure caleb’s okay with how the car situation is going to go) and she said if it didn’t work out, to call her back because they really liked my resume. Yay! People like me! lol
So, yeah, all is going well. I’m happy.
** EDIT – Jen just mentioned something that I totally forgot about. We’ll be able to save up and buy another car in a few months and then there won’t be a problem. Yay! Caleb just wants to get a little beater car that he can drive to work and that’s it. lol. He may change his mind when we actually go out to get one, but that’s what he’s saying now. lol.**
**EDIT 2 – I called back and accepted the job. Caleb’s PT schedule is changing to afternoons in a few weeks, so the issue of swapping the car in the middle of the day won’t be a problem for too much longer. Yay! Things are working out so well!