3rd Day of Work

So, today was my third day of work. It’s going very well. At least I think so. I’m picking things up pretty well and I’m positive I’ll have most of it down when Dawn leaves on the 31st. Cross your fingers for me. 😀

Okay, so I work for the Oral Facial Surgery Center here in Oklahoma City. The office is gorgeous. It just looks so professional and inviting. Oh, and the people. The people are AWESOME!!!! All of the front office staff and some of the clinical staff sit together at lunch and just talk. We talk about stuff we did the night before, stuff we want to do, funny things that have happened, etc. It’s great! Yesterday, I left my purse and my drink upstairs and Dawn just gave me a dollar so I could get a drink. I was kinda surprised by it because with most people you have to ask for money before they give it to you. She just noticed I didn’t have a drink and gave me money to get one. How nice is that? I paid her back as soon as we got back upstairs, of course. I’m kinda sad she’s leaving. She’ so nice! If she were staying here, I’m sure we’d be good friends. Oh, and then there’s Hillary, Helen, Sheri, Sharon, Denise and Steve. They are all so funny! Sheri is the practice manager and she is great. She’s so kind and warm. I left early today because I was feeling so sick. I’m normally freezing and have to wear a sweater. Today, I thought I was going to die because it was so hot and my stomach was throwing a fit. So Caleb came to pick me up. Everyone was so sweet and nice about it. I can already tell that I am going to love it there.

Oh, the work. lol. I’m the receptionist for a two-doctor practice. There is also a fellowship doctor and several residents. We only schedule for the doctors, no residents. So, essentially, we schedule for three doctors. The nice thing, though, is that one of the doctors is not there all the time and when he’s not there, the fellowship doctor isn’t, either. So, most of the time we schedule for the one doctor. The software system is fairly simple. There are just 20 million things to do when scheduling and then when the patient gets there, there are 20 million more things to do before putting their chart up. It’s a paperless office, so I’m really enjoying that. I’m not used to it, but I’ll adapt. I’m going to make myself little cheatsheets to stick on my desk so I remember all the things I’m supposed to do for each patient. There’s a lot of scanning involved, which is fine.

Oh, and I’ve already found some things I’m going to redo when Dawn leaves. Just with how things are set up on the desk and the stuff in the drawers. Nothing big. She just has a ton of stuff on her desk and no space to do work. When she’s looking things up on the computer, she puts the papers under the keyboard or halfway in her lap. That would drive me nuts. So, I’ll just move a couple things around once she’s gone to make it so I can work more efficiently. I’m not going to change anything before she leaves, though.

Overall, I’m going to give this place an 8.5 out of 10. There is plenty of work to keep busy with when the doctors are gone, so it won’t have all the down time Dr Bulloch’s office had. Or WIC. WIC had a TON of downtime some days. That’s one of the very few things I didn’t like about WIC. It was either flooding with people or nobody at all. Oh, and I hated the staff meetings. lol. I liked the clinical aspect, though. I wish I had been able to train longer at doing the clinic room stuff. Oh well. Caleb might be going to Afghanistan for six months or a year when we’re done in Oklahoma, so I will probably go back home and maybe I can have my job at WIC back. *crosses fingers*

Anyways, yeah, back to OFSC. I like it. It’s a good job. The people are great. lol.