Crazy Weather!!!!

Wow! It’s been so cold the past few days! Today it even snowed! Yay! lol. I’ll post pictures later. Next time Caleb takes Kadie potty I’ll have him take pictures. I went out last night before we went to bed and the grass was so covered in ice that we were sliding all over the grass! It was fun. Then we went and walked (slid) across the parking lot (more like ice lot) to check out all the ice on the fountain (that was still running) and then we slid our way back to the sidewalk, but it was so slippery we ended up walking/sliding across the grass because at least there was some traction there. It was fun.

Because of the weather, Caleb was able to come home at 11:30 yesterday, which was really nice, and he didn’t have to go in to work today. He said the car was sliding all over the road on the way home yesterday so I’m really goad he didn’t have to go anywhere today. There was a slight drizzle all day yesterday and it was below 20 degrees most of the day. So far today, it is 22.5 degrees. Yay! It’s warmer than yesterday!

Also because of the weather, my physical therapy was cancelled yesterday and an interview I had for today has been rescheduled for tomorrow. He wanted to do 4:30 at first, but I have physical therapy at 4:00. Then he wanted to do 10:00, but I have a doctor’s appointment at 10:00. lol. We finally settled on 1:30. Wish me luck. It’s a part time job with flexible hours, so that will work perfectly!

So, we haven’t been doing much the past two days. Caleb has been able to play a computer game that he’s been wanting to play and I’ve been reading a lot. Caleb made fried chicken for dinner last night and I’ve been working on laundry.

Kadie and Sadie are doing well. Kadie is almost all the way potty trained. She’s doing really well at letting us know when she needs to go out. She’s still chewing on stuff, though. She got to one of my church shoes last week and she also chewed up the back of a picture frame. She doesn’t do this stuff when we’re home, it’s only when we’re gone and she knows she can get away with it. So, we’ve learned how to ‘puppy proof’ the house. All the couch pillows and stuffed animals are put in the bedroom or on shelves. Chairs are pushed all the way in so she can’t get on them and pull things off the table. Anything on shelves she can put her paws on have things pushed all the way to the back and we put toys all over the place so she doesn’t have to go more than a few feet without a toy. We went to Wal-Mart on Saturday and found some chew toys that she loves. One is a stuffed duck that quacks when she chews on it. She loves it! lol. Any toy that is soft and makes noise she loves. So we bought her several and she’s been having fun chewing them to death.

Sadie still doesn’t like Kadie very much, but she’s learning to tolerate her. As long as Kadie stays a few feet away, Sadie is all right. lol.