Quick Update

I keep meaning to write an update on life, but I either forget to do it or get so busy that it’s bedtime before I know it. lol. I’ll do a super quick one.

Things are going well. I still like my job. It has it’s frustrating days, but overall I still really like it. Caleb is still disappointed with his job. He’s an IT stuck doing disbursements, so I can understand why he’s rather disillusioned. He’s likes his co-workers, just not the actual job.

Kadie and Sadie are doing well. Sadie is being more lovey and cuddley now that she’s alone for most of the day. Kadie goes nuts when we get home and tries to knock the back door down.

The garden is growing well. The corn is getting tall, the watermelon plants are snaking all over the place, the potato plants are starting to flower and the rest are still plugging along. I’ll get pictures taken eventually. lol

So, there is the update on life. Our 3 year anniversary is this Sunday (yay!) and we’re both way excited. We’re not sure what we are going to do. We were planning on going to the lake and camping Friday and Saturday, but we found out we can’t go out of town, so we’re trying to come up with something else. We’re going to go to the Temple on Friday, but other than that, who knows. Any ideas?