Holy crap. What a day. Lol. My boss talked to me this morning and told me just to work on updates today because she wants to run a report on Monday and needs the most current information. Due to all the side requests from both supervisors, I’m about a week behind on my updates. So, she told me not to do any of my peripheral duties and just concentrate on the updates. That made me happy. Theeeeeeeeen, I’m seriously not kidding, five minutes later she asks me to do a bunch of other stuff…….now. lol. It kinda stressed me out for a few minutes, but then I put together a game plan so that I could get as much done as possible. I reviewed the files she wanted and took them to her, got her the info on a problem file, prepped all the court stuff for Ben, conformed some court documents and got all the dates from my update files in our system and the client systems. I just finished scanning all the documents into our system and just have to mail copies to the defendants and upload copies into the client systems. Well, I also have to put the files in their drawers, but that’s not quite so vital.

Right now, though, I’m sitting on a bench in the hall. I would be outside, but it’s raining and really cold. I just needed to get away from my desk before I threw it somewhere. I’m not stressed, just tired of being here today. I’ve been going like a steam engine all day and I’m just ready to go home and have some down time.

Of course, I do have a To Do list for when I get home. I doubt I’ll do any of it, though. Lol. Well, I might do the nap. That sounds nice.

Well, break time is over. Back to the grind. An hour and 50 minutes left. Woohoo!

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