Made it to Kuala Lumpur


WE MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so excited!! This place is amazing so far. So many trees and greenery. Of course, the airport is on the outskirts of town, so I’m sure the middle of town doesn’t look like this, but it’s still beautiful. Palm trees are everywhere! Troy said palm oil is a big export here so they have many many MANY palm farms. When we flew in you could just see everywhere, all of the palm trees. I took pictures from the plane, but there is so much smoke from the fires in Indonesia that most of them are hard to tell what I took pictures of.

OH! I SAW A WHALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol. Troy doesn’t believe me, but I did! When we were leaving Singapore, we flew over the ocean for about ten minutes. I was looking at all the little boats and saw something white and black in the water. I thought it was just the wake from a boat, but then a FIN POPPED OUT OF THE WATER! It was so cool!!!!!!!!!!! I tried to get Troy to come look, but he thought I was joking and by the time he took me seriously and took his seatbelt off to come look, the whale was hidden by the wing of the plane. It was so neat, though! I saw something else swimming under the water that could have been a turtle, but I’m not sure. I know it was something swimming under the water, but not sure what. It was really exciting, though.

I feel like such a nerd, with all my taking pictures every two seconds and having my face plastered to the window of the plane. I’m just so excited, though! This place is neat. I wish I could take pictures of everything we are passing, but the train is going so fast I don’t even want to try. Okay, I do want to try, but they wouldn’t turn out. I tried taking pictures in the airport while I was walking and those didn’t turn out at all. lol. So, with the train going faster, I don’t really see a point in trying. Oh well. Let’s just say there are tons of trees and hills and dirt roads and random pockets of buildings and leave it at that. I can’t wait to get into the city. Troy said that it is way bigger than St George and maybe twice as big as Oklahoma City. He said it is built up like Oklahoma City, but exponentially. I can’t wait to see it!

The plane ride here was interesting. lol. They almost wouldn’t let me on the plane. It was crazy! The lady kept x-raying my bag and then going through it and then sending it through the x-ray machine and then going through it again. Seriously, all that over a tiny pair of cuticle scissors! Really?! It was nuts. Troy said the lady had it in for me. lol. THEN, they held him back. lol. In LA, we had talked to the Singapore Airlines rep because they had kicked Troy off the flight on Saturday (yeah, small moment of panic) and when he got all that fixed, he was sitting in a different part of the plane. So we went to get our seats back next to each other and the lady told us our seats for the SilkAir flight were also separate, but she could fix that. She printed out all our boarding passes saying we were sitting next to each other…………………….but when we tried to get on the SilkAir flight, the guy snagged Troy and told him his seat had been changed. I was sitting in row 1 and he was sitting in row 4. Our boarding passes had us sitting next to each other on row 1, but they wouldn’t accept our tickets because the system had changed his seat. But he was able to fix it to where we were sitting next to each other. So we FINALLY got on the plane. The lady came around asking what we wanted to eat and the choices were chicken or fish. We both ordered chicken. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell, the chicken was on a bun. Troy can’t eat bread. He told the lady he had a wheat allergy and she offered him a croissant. It was hard not to laugh. He kept trying to explain it to her, but she didn’t understand, so I finally told her he can’t eat bread. She said, “Oh! Would you like something to drink?” It was pretty funny. Troy didn’t see it that way, though. Poor guy. I asked her if they had any fruit, but she said no. So, he’s going to get food when we get to the hotel. Well, we have fruit snacks, trail mix and gluten-free granola bars (he ate the gluten-free wafers all on the flight from St George to LA lol), so he had food. But he needs something substantial. Thank goodness the long flight had a solid breakfast for him. He ate scrambled eggs, hash browns, roasted tomatoes, sausage and orange juice. And he had fruit snacks and granola bars during the layover, so he should be fine for the next hour. That’s about how long it should be before we get to the hotel. He said he’s going to order room service.

Goodness. All this talk about food is making me hungry. lol. It’s not like I’ve not been eating every 4 hours or so. Those people on Singapore Airlines keep their passengers well-fed. I’m going to have to do some serious working out the next few weeks. Gotta burn off all the yummy food!

Well, my laptop is about to die and the train is slowing down, so I assume we’re about to reach KL Sentral. Yay! Bye for now!