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Okay, I’m finally getting past blogs worked on. Yay! The first thing I’m going to write about is the flight to Malaysia. I’ve never flown business class before and I think I love it. lol. It was really great. Our flight from Utah to LAX wasn’t business class because none of the airplanes that fly out of St George are big enough, but the one from LAX to Singapore was HUGE! And it was amazing. We flew Singapore Airlines and Troy said the airline he flew with before (Cathay Pacific) was MUCH better than Singapore Airlines, so I’m really hoping the next time we fly to the States (April!) we can fly with them. Though, Troy said he wasn’t sure his company was going to fly us all business class to their company meeting in Phoenix  but I really hope they do. It was a really nice way to travel.

First off, the seat was huge. You know how the middle row of economy class has 3-5 seats, depending on the size of the airplane? Well, this one only had two, so every seat is an aisle seat. The side seats? Just one seat. It was pretty nice. I love how wide and roomy the seats were. Don’t mind how awful I look. I had been up since early in the morning, had already flown one leg of the flight and gone through a 3-hour layover. I was tired.

The seats had some pretty cool features. They had foot rests, the reclined, they converted into beds, they had decent-sized tvs with TONS of movie, tv, video game and music videos to choose from and they had power plugs. I was super excited about that. Troy and I plugged in my laptop and watched some tv shows that we had recorded and movies we’d brought with us. We didn’t want to bother looking through the system for the stuff we wanted to watch when we already knew we had it.

Since we weren’t using the tv, I kept our flight progress up on the screen. It was pretty nice to see where we were whenever I wanted.

The other nice thing was the food. They served TONS of food. Troy said on Cathay they let you order ice cream whenever you want and as much as you want, so I was really looking forward to lots of ice cream, but this airline didn’t offer that. 🙁 Oh well. They did serve some really yummy food and they had ice cream for dessert (coconut!), so I was happy they served it the one time. And every drink they brought was in an actual glass and had a little napkin underneath it, so I felt like I was in a nice restaurant. Kinda. lol.

When they got ready to serve the food, they popped out the tray tables (lots bigger than the economy ones and they had in the arm rest instead of popping down from the back of the seat in front of you) and put little table clothes on and set up the dishes just like in a restaurant.

For dessert I had the coconut ice cream. One of my favorites!

Troy chose the chocolate. It was almost as yummy as the coconut.

After dinner and after a tv show or two, it was time to crash out. I just leaned my seat back and popped up the foot rest, but the airline people (super nice and very friendly) wouldn’t let me go to sleep until they set the bed up for me. They rolled it out, grabbed some blankets and pillows from behind my seat and changed it into a fairly comfortable bed. Troy said the Cathay ones were more roomy and more comfortable, so that is another incentive for hoping we get to fly Cathay next time.

After sleeping a while, I woke up and was a bit hungry. We both were. So, we ordered from the a la carte menu. No ice cream. 🙁 But they did have some super yummy eggs, sausage and hash browns.

Later, they served breakfast. They served fruit as the appetizer and I chose pancakes for my main course. Super yummy!

Overall, it was a very pleasant flight. I really enjoyed it. It was much better than when I flew to Germany in economy. Yes, I had a window seat then, but the seat wasn’t nearly as comfortable to sleep in and the food wasn’t quite to plentiful and tasty. So, if you ever have the opportunity to fly business class, I suggest you take it. It’s a great experience.

As a little side story, shortly after we took off, one of the flight attendants started teasing me. Troy had been giving me a hard time about having a little stuffed monkey attached to my backpack. Not to be mean, just to be Troy. Well, the flight attendant came over, knelt beside me and started explaining that they had a no pets policy and that he was going to have to take my monkey away. I hid my little monkey next to me and told him it wouldn’t make any noise or disturb anyone. The guy laughed and said he would let me get away with breaking the rules, but just this one time. lol. It was pretty funny. And I’m happy to say that little Coconut (that’s the monkey’s name) made it safely to Malaysia on all the flights and is now happily inhabiting my bedroom.

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  1. Joanna Sormunen

    Sounds like you had a great flight! I have never flown business class myself, but I would love to get the opportunity. It must be a whole lot better than flying in economy class. That is pure torture on long flights. You can only dream of a seat that converts into a bed, lol

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