Ready for the Book Challenge

Okay! I am just about ready! Well, as ready as I can be at this point. I had a bunch of the books I was going to read for the challenge saved to a wish list at my library in OK, but they sent me a mailing and it got returned to them, thus alerting them to my moving. They have suspended my account until I can come in and prove I still live in the area. Boo. Oh well. My parents have let me use their library cards and my friend, Juli, has given me her library card number. I’m super excited that I can still do this challenge. I could have still done it anyways, but then I would have had to buy all the books and with not having any income, that’s not a wise use of assets at this point.

So, thanks to the good people in my life, I am able to still do the challenge at no cost. Yay! I just sat down and spent the past little while looking through the Salt Lake County Library and the Washington County Library websites and found all but 10 of the books for the challenge. Most are in audio form, so I can listen to them while I’m cleaning and doing the ironing. I would say I could listen to them while laying by the pool, but they are all in WMA format and my phone is retarded and doesn’t play WMA files. None of the audio players I’ve downloaded work, so I will need to convert all the books I get from the library in order to play them on my phone. It’ll take some time, but that’s okay. I forgot to pack my ipod and bring it with me, so it’s in a storage unit in Utah for the next year. So, everything I listen to has to go on my phone if I’m out of the house. I guess I could buy a new audio player, but I don’t really want to. I’m trying to not spend any money I don’t have to since I have no income and I still have bills to pay in the US.

So, anyways, I have my books all picked out and all but 10 ready to be listened to. I will start listening today and use the template I’ve set up to review the books. I’ve not really done a real book review yet, so this will be interesting.