One Reply to “Strange Dream”

  1. Niall

    I love when you write your thoughts, You’re a good writer,
    Pretty normal dream you had, I find it hard to imagine anyone being so mean to you,
    I mean geez, Having to deal with that at work is not nice, as no escape,
    My dreams tend to be scary, Unless there ones of you, Which are pleasant dreams, Dreams I wish not to awake from,
    I’m just thinking of that dream where you appeared on edge of my bed as I could not sleep,The sudden surprise of your hand on my forehead startled me,, You glowed like a light surrounded you, I remember how you caressed my head with your finger tips, How I felt at peace, You were humming something, I still don’t know what, I remember you leading forward, lying beside me, Nose to nose ,You were on top of covers,I remember reaching out to touch your cheek, How soft it felt, Sadly dream ended at this point, And I can’t control my dreams,To dream it again, Only leaves reality to fulfill the continuation of it, Which is not likely, Sadly

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