Mid-Term Stress

I have a mid-term this weekend and it’s starting to stress me out. Not because of the test, but because I can’t find a proctor. The US Embassy doesn’t have facilities to do proctoring and the lady I spoke to at the library said I couldn’t do it there. I’m not sure whether it was because of the language barrier and she didn’t entirely understand what I was asking or if they really don’t have the facilities. I finally got ahold of Brickfields Asia College this morning, but even though the lady I spoke with spoke fairly good English, she didn’t understand what proctoring is. I explained it and I’m pretty sure she understood, but she said none of the teachers were in yet and that someone would call me back soon. How can no teachers be at the school at 9:04am? I plan on calling the school back at 2:00 this afternoon if no one has called me back by then.

I’m really starting to stress about this. My mid-term is only available from 10:00pm on Friday until 1:00pm on Saturday, which means I can only take it on Saturday morning. That’s a very small window. If I’m allowed to take the proctored exam at this college and the teachers don’t show up until after 10:00, that only leaves me three hours or less for the exam. I’m so stressed out about this. What on earth am I going to do if I can’t find a place to proctor my exam? That means I won’t be able to get ANY of my tests proctored. I’m going to fail all my classes. I’m so stressed out. I got an email from my Business class teacher this morning and he told me I have the highest grade in class and he’s very impressed with my work. I was so elated about that and now I’m so stressed because it doesn’t matter how well I do on my assignments, I will fail all my classes if I can’t take the mid-terms and final exams. It’s so hard not to cry right now. I have A’s in all my classes and I’ve been so proud of myself for doing so well. If I can’t find somewhere to proctor my exams, all of that will mean nothing.

There are a few other colleges close to where I live that I can call. I guess I should call them first before I go into a full-blown panic. I guess I just assumed that the colleges here would be like in the US where they all have testing centers and allowed proctoring for other schools. That’ll teach me to make assumptions. Here I go to make a bunch more phone calls. Wish me luck.

UPDATE: I called a few colleges and got the same answer at each one: they don’t offer proctoring and don’t know of any places that do. One lady told me that no college here in Malaysia would be able to proctor a test for me. If Brickfields Asia College isn’t able to help me, I’m completely stonewalled. I’ve emailed my teacher to explain the issue, but I’m not sure he will be able to help or make an exception for me. Now I’m worried I’ll have to drop out of school because I can’t take any of my exams. This is frustrating. But I’m not giving up yet. There still may be some way for this to work out. Cross your fingers and say some prayers for me.