Proctoring Problem Solved!

I’m so glad my teachers are willing to work with me. My English teacher emailed me back and said that since I’d gone above and beyond to comply with the school’s distance learning policy, that he would just email me the password on Thursday night. I am beyond elated. I can’t believe he is actually letting me take the mid-term at my house. I never dreamed that would be the final decision. I figured they’d have me take it at someone’s house or some other supervised place. I’m super excited.

Oh, and this also means we might still be able to go to Malacca this weekend! I’d told Troy we couldn’t go to his coworkers wedding this morning because my exam was only open on 10pm Friday until 1pm on Saturday and nobody would proctor a test that late at night. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell, if my teacher gives me the password Thursday night his time, that will give me all Friday afternoon to take the test. Yay! Then we can go to Malacca after he gets off work. But I’m still not sure we’re going, because I told him we’d need to come home after the wedding so I can teach my class on Sunday. Malacca is only about an hour and a half away, so it wouldn’t be too bad. We could spend Friday night there, explore Saturday morning, do the wedding, have dinner and then go home. Wouldn’t be too bad. I guess we’ll just have to see what Troy thinks when he gets home from work. It also depends on how he feels. He looks better than he did last week, but he said he still feels crappy and is really exhausted. So, we shall see. I’m just glad we at least have the option now. But I’m even more glad I can take my test. I was really worried I’d have to take a 0 on the mid-term if I couldn’t find a proctor. Thank goodness things worked out.

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