Taman Tasik Perdana…..Part 2

Back when we first got here I went to check out this park and thought I’d seen it all. Then Troy posted some pictures of when he’d gone to the park before I got here and there was a lot more stuff than I’d seen. So, I went back to investigate some more.

Taman Tasik Perdana (Lake Garden Park) is actually a LOT bigger than I thought it was. I’d thought it was just the lake, the deer park and a few paths. Little did I know that there was a whole other section past where I thought the park ended. I actually took a picture of the map while I was wandering around on Monday and didn’t really look at it until I got home. Turns out there is s THIRD section to it. I guess I’ll just have to go back and check it out again.

This is the map of the entire park. The first time I went I went around the big lake to the point where it meets the road. I figured that was the end of the park. ha. This time, I parked just up from the YOU ARE HERE sign on the map and I saw all the lower section except for around the lake. I was going to go around the lake again, but I ran out of time. I was at the park for about three hours, just wandering and playing on the swings.

To get there, I just typed in Lake Garden Park into my GPS. It took me to this tiny little parking lot right outside the entrance. And when I say tiny, I mean tiny. I think maybe 10 cars can park there. Fortunately, there are a couple other parking areas down the road a bit from where I parked.

When I first got out of my car, I was impressed by how much greenery there was.

It was just absolutely beautiful. After I got inside the actual park, I was surprised at all the toys! (and even more surprised with the lack of children there)

All these toys and no kids. I was very surprised. It was noon on a Monday, but still. There are little kids under school age here. Kinda makes me wonder what those kids do all day.

Anyways, across the street from the toys is a nice little structured garden. It made me think of Old England and how people used to stroll in their gardens for amusement. Or maybe that was because I was listening to Northanger Abbey on my phone.

There was also a fountain across from the toys, too.

If you are looking for direction while at the park, they have these fun signs up periodically. I think they’re pretty cool.

There was also a herb garden, but it wasn’t very interesting. The layout was nice, but there weren’t a lot of colors in there. Which makes sense since it was herbs and not flowers.

Across from the entrance to the herb garden there was a fun area. I wasn’t sure I was allowed to go in there since there were some maintenance vehicles and other cars, but I just walked in and started wandering around. Nobody said anything to me.


My mom would so love to have this in her backyard! Such a creative way to hang flowers or herbs.

Randomly around the park they have these fun tree house hideaways. I spent an afternoon in one over by the lake one day, just reading and watching the clouds. It was very peaceful.

Down on the end opposite the lake I found some more toys. Again, no kids. Part of me wonders if it was because the day was so warm, but pretty much every day in Malaysia is warm and humid, so that shouldn’t make much of a difference.

Walking back towards the center, heading towards the lake, I found some really pretty landscapes. 

In that last picture you can see a sign that is placed next to several of the more attractive features. It cracked me up that the park planners thought people would need indicators of where to take pictures. Or that they’d want these signs in those pictures. So, I decided to have some fun with a few of the signs.

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